The first richer rich media mobile ad platform in the world


The first richer rich media mobile ad platform in the world.

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More than products.

They’re a mobile advertising revolution.


Rich media in-feed ads, made using your existing creatives that deliver higher engagement than anything else on the market.


Full-screen interstitial ad formats that open up a universe of creative possibilites, for you or your clients’ campaigns.


Custom made full-screen rich media mobile ads, made for you or your client to unlock the true power of mobile advertising.

Make your ads come alive on mobile.

What is Adcanvas?

Adcanvas is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows media buyers and digital marketers to transform their existing, static banner ads into engaging, dynamic in-feed and fullscreen interstitial mobile ads.

Works the way you work

The creation process fits neatly into your existing campaign creation workflow with minimum effort

Sorry devs!

Many other solutions can be incredibly complex to make the most of. We love you, developers, but you’re not needed here.

Device agnostic

iOS, Android and Windows phone, mobile web and in-app are all supported

Back(end) to the future

The backend powering all the clever things  going on up front is scalable, “self-repairing” and designed to grow with your needs.

Simple serving

Standardized tracking codes with full interaction statistics from inside the ad itself

The only limit is your imagination

Tap into the powerful features available on most smartphones to create engaging experiences

Less effort, better results





We don’t crush the competition.
There isn’t any.

Adcanvas ads are lightweight while still be able to make the most of the powerful features found in most smartphones. This adds up to beautifully smooth 3D, video and image rendering performance, to truly wow the consumer.


Beautiful 3D models that are highly responsive to the users input – no jerky, awkward animations here!


In-platform video player delivering smooth, stutter-free video playback.

Looking to get more from your mobile ad campaigns? 

Look no further.



You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What formats does Adcanvas offer?

Currently, two core types of rich media mobile ad formats are available via the Adcanvas platform:

In-feed Rich Media Mobile Ads
Fullscreen Rich Media Mobile Ads

To learn more, click on one of the links above to see examples and specifications for each of the available format types.

If you would like to use custom placements, please contact us for a consultation.

What devices does Adcanvas support?

Adcanvas is compatible with all mobile phones that run Android 4.4+, iOS 8+ and Windows Phone 8.1+. If the platform detects a user on an older device, it will show them a static image.

Will it work on my site?

The Adcanvas platform works on all publishing sites that can use third party tags. It does not require any kind of specialist SDK to be used on the site. The publisher just needs to insert our ad tag into their system and the ad will work.

Can I use Adcanvas in my app?

Sure! In order to get Adcanvas up and running in your app, the app must have WebGL enabled. For an application that does not have it enabled we will display a fallback image. Enabling WebGL is generally a pretty simple task for an app developer and should not take more than a few hours.

To learn more about WebGL, head over here.

Will Adcanvas work with a DSP?

The Adcanvas platform will work with all DSP’s that support third party banners. You can use the standard Adcanvas code, but for some platforms you will have to change the “clickurl” to a macro. If you’re unsure, please get in touch with your DSP provider for more information.

How can I test Adcanvas on my site?

If you would like to test the Adcanvas platform on your site, please get in touch. We’ll send you a demo ad code, allowing you to verify compatibility with your site.

How can I implement it on my site?

Adcanvas does not need any kind of special implementation for it to work on website. It is based on standardised tags, that work everywhere.

Before the campaign you will receive a new tag and that can be inserted into a third party tag container. The tag contains all the necessary files and the advertisement.

Where do I get my creatives?

To take advantage of our in-feed “Thumbstopper” formats, all you need is access to the self-service platform, where anybody can quickly transform static images into rich media advertisements that offer a much higher engagement rates than standard ads or HTML5 ads.

For Full-Screen RRM ads, we currently offer the creatives as a service. If you want some more info, please get in touch.

In the future, the management platform will be expanded, allowing the clients’ agency to work on the creatives directly

Do I need to use a Safeframe when implementing Adcanvas on my channel?

No, Adcanvas does not require Safeframe. In fact, we advise that you disable Safeframe before using Adcanvas.

Can I use 3rd party tracking?

Sure! Adcanvas supports both pixel and URL based 3rd party tracking. In addition to that, it’s also possible to pass more detailed analytics data to your own platform using JavaScript events. For more information on this topic, please reach out to our support team.

Make your ads come alive on mobile.